On Identifying as an Asian Female
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In this episode, Janice explores the topic of experiencing life embodying the Asian female identity. Whether you identify as an Asian female or not, this discussion on internalizing the identities we inherit from the world – which ultimately shape our deepest self-beliefs – is relevant for anyone who wants to dig past the layers of socially prescribed expectations and uncover their authentic selves.

Originally published: February 14, 2018

Read Janice's 4-years-later reflections on the episode here: "S1 | EP6: On Asian Identity, Solidarity, and Fetishization" (The Soul's Work Blog)

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Show notes:

  • 1:06: How our identities shape us
  • 4:05: My identities – my parents’ background and my relationship with Korean culture
  • 5:28: My experiences of “otherness” and racism
  • 7:18: Stereotypes and expectations of being an Asian female
  • 9:55: Lack of representation of Asian folks in media, work, the outdoors, and the spiritual space
  • 11:56: Experiencing internalized oppression as an Asian female 
  • 13:44: Not being taken seriously because of our Asian female identity
  • 15:23: The importance of seeing more women who look like me in media and podcasting
  • 16:43: How internalized oppression has affected my spiritual growth and being my authentic self
  • 20:59: Who I am outside of my Asian female identities
  • 21:58: Really getting down to our core, authentic selves removed of identity
  • 23:16: Why we need to have this conversation before saying “All Lives Matter”
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