Practicing Self-Care
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In this episode, Janice discusses why self-care is so important for each and every one of us, whether we're struggling with a serious mental health issue or "just" going through this crazy thing called life. She shares the story of the #metoo self-care burning ritual she did after publicly sharing about her #metoo experiences, and lists 10 self-care ideas that will hopefully inspire you in your own mental wellness journey.

Originally published: January 31, 2018

Read Janice's 4-years-later reflections on the episode here: "S1 | EP4: If There Was Ever a Time For Self-Care" (The Soul's Work Blog)

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Show notes:

  • 0:51: Needing self-care these days
  • 1:47: Participating in Bell Let’s Talk Day – we must talk about mental health!
  • 3:34: A definition of self-care
  • 4:33: Why is self-care so important to practice? Life stressors that trigger the need for self-care
  • 6:53: Practicing self-care unapologetically and proactively
  • 8:55: A story: the #metoo movement, my #metoo blog post, and my #metoo self-care ritual
  • 16:57: Three aspects to consider in practicing self-care: environment, energy, and intention
  • 21:29: Ten self-care ideas: Light a candle (or a bonfire)
  • 22:50: Journal
  • 23:54: Spend time in nature
  • 24:50: Spend time with your pet
  • 25:55: Exercise
  • 26:37: Watch comedy
  • 27:20: Meditate
  • 28:13: Saying “no” without apology or explanation
  • 29:53: Sleep
  • 30:26: Listen to/play music

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