Getting Honest with Ourselves
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In this episode, Janice discusses the practice of identifying our core values to make life decisions that are in alignment with our authentic selves. She discusses her #1 core value, honesty, and shares her learnings on how to discern between the voice of honesty (or intuition) and the voice of fear when faced with a tough decision.

Originally published: January 18, 2018

Read Janice's 4-years-later reflections on the episode here: "S1 | EP2: Tell the Truth" (The Soul's Work Blog)

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Show notes:

  • 02:33: Core values as a tool we can use to better understand our authentic selves
  • 03:03: What we cover this 3-part series on core values
  • 04:20: What are values?
  • 04:54: How you can do your own values-exploration exercise
  • 06:17: How we already live our lives in alignment (or not) with our values
  • 08:16: Janice’s top core value: honesty (a scary word)
  • 08:57: Being honest with ourselves: why is it so hard?
  • 10:20: What getting honest with herself led Janice to (big life changes)
  • 11:58: Learning to distinguish between what’s really honest (our intuition) and the voice of fear
  • 13:05: Glennon Doyle on the self-betrayal that happens when we allow fear to take over honesty
  • 14:20: One way to get more in touch with our intuition
  • 15:30: How fear and intuition feel and sound different
  • 16:18: Janice shares an example of what the intuition and fear voices sound like (making the decision to leave her first career)
  • 20:07: The connection between intuition and the present
  • 21:05: Another way to approach our fears about the uncertainty of the outcome
  • 22:30: What happened after Janice left her career
  • 23:34: The fear voice is here to stay (how to deal with it)
  • 24:54: Your soul’s homework: Questions you can explore to get more honest with yourself

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