The Future of Data Starts Here - Darien Bates, co-founder, Fourtop Solutions
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If you’re wondering how to make sense of that ocean of data your restaurant is trying to wrangle, Darien has answers!

Formerly the CTO at &Pizza, Darien’s new company, Fourtop Solutions, is all about helping restaurants organize and activate their data -- while encouraging humans to do the discovery of data and using technology to automate that discovery.

Top Moments to Listen For: 

  • Technology is not a pre-packaged meal, it’s a set of ingredients with overlapping capabilities and core components
  • Start by centralizing your data, or you’ll constantly be back-tracking
  • Dashboards are where data goes to die - they don’t make good use of data - humans do
  • “There are no bad systems, only bad architectures”
  • Data is like water and you have an ocean that needs structures and flows
  • Let robots be robots (automation) and humans be human (discoverers)
  • The value of POS has been largely overlooked; it needs to be a hub to pull in centralized data 
  • Hart House is using Fourtop Solutions to deploy its employee-first operations 
  • Technology is not a purpose -- it’s a tool to accomplish something; start with your business objectives and then find the right-fit systems to support that. 
  • The future of automation and ChatGPT

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