Mastering the Digital Dance - Michael Chachula, CIO of Fat Brands
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The CIO of FAT Brands, Michael Chachula, brings the heat to our CTO Trailblazer series talking about all things technology, customer experience, marketing hacks, and how the restaurant world evolved from a show to a dance post pandemic.
Are you dancing with your customers? Or still operating a static show?

Hot Takes: 

  • Training your guests on effectively using all the available order channels is critical to improving order accuracy and avoiding defection. 
  • 5 Components of FAT Brands tech organization - Technology, Data, Security, Digital, and Tech Ops. 
  • Best of Breed, Distilled. (hint: it's a mutt). Best of Breed is what's best for you.
  • Biggest barriers facing CIO/CTOs - security, talent pool, supply chain
  • Hottest trends - metaverse, bitcoin
  • How FAT is building a technology toolbox that's flexible,  future-proof and built on a solid foundation. Bolt-on is now glue-on. It's a living organism. 
  • The Vision (4 things) - Solid Foundation, Flexible Stack, Control of Data, Personalized Experiences.
  • Don't give up your soul to pursue your dreams. Build a deep, rich network personally and professionally. Keep your people close, have fun at work, and include loved ones in your work travel!
  • Michael's Advice - Listen and Love <3

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