Making Tech + Food Work Together for Good - Peter Wiley, Co-Founder & CMO at Rapid Fired Pizza & Hot Head Burritos
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This episode is a continuation of our interview with Peter Wiley, co-founder of two fast-casual chains and a technology superstar. We drill into today’s reality of technology in restaurants - Peter provides a great modern, fresh example of how busy operators can integrate fast, scalable tech into their daily operations to streamline both internal and external processes. 

If you haven’t checked out the first episode, we suggest you listen to it as a warm-up for this one. Peter is currently the Co-Founder and Head of Marketing for Rapid Fired Pizza and Hot Head Burritos. He and his brother are definitely pushing the boundaries of technology in the restaurant world. Can you say “cryptocurrency”?!

Key Insights
Leveraging technology to improve employee productivity and engagement.
Technology has become a major part of the restaurant industry during the past few years.  As an experienced tech guy and huge innovator, Peter explains what technology represents for him. Above all,  it's an effective and useful tool that his crew needs, "to do their jobs to the best of their ability and make life easy for them". 

Tech is no longer optional.
One thing's for sure, technology is here to stay, and restaurants have no choice but to keep up. To put it in Peter's words, "You have to embrace it. If you don't embrace it, I think you're just going to struggle. If you do embrace it, it chips away. It's another line item on your bottom line, but hopefully, the returns are there to justify it because it's not going away."

Both customers and employees want (and expect) technology.
While it's true that customers come to restaurants to enjoy delicious food, that doesn't mean they don't want technology too. As a matter of fact, they expect it. Restaurants that don't deploy technology might regret it later. "They expect it to be super simple to order online. They expect it to be super simple to get their rewards. They expect it to get pertinent, relevant marketing information, not spam that hits everybody. So that all comes from tech."

Tune in to find out why tech is no longer optional but a reality.

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