Redefining Loyalty: From Points & Discounts to Understanding Your Customer - Diane Le and Olga Lopategui
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Two top loyalty experts : Diane Le (Punchh) and Olga Lopategui (OLLO Consult)  discuss how to build more meaningful relationships with your guests + all the fundamentals of a “modern day restaurant loyalty program.”  

Key Takeaways: 

  • It all starts with the customer experience and 1:1 relationships. (Move from a transactional to relational mindset)
  • How to use Data & Segmentation for Smart Marketing. 
  • What Can Ruin Your Loyalty Program?  Lack of alignment b/t Marketing & Ops!
  • The most important loyalty program metrics >> Participation rate, Visits, and Spend Lift.
  • The 3 loyalty team members you need to successfully execute.
  • The future is all about AI & Machine Learning.
  • Bonus content on dispelling the myth of work-life balance in the pandemic and how these new moms stay positive and on top of their game. (hint: their partners)

Top Quotes:

“...a good metric, if you're starting off, is to aim for 10% participation rate. So one in every 10 people who walks in, they should be a loyalty member. If you can get to 20, 25%, you're in great shape, because that means one in every four or every five is a loyalty member. … really successful programs have like 40, 50, 60% participation,” say Diane and Olga. 

Episode Highlights & Show Notes: Redefining Loyalty

Diane Le on LinkedIn
Olga Lopategui on LinkedIn

^^^ Connect with these awesome women and crank your loyalty program into top gear. 
As always, thanks for listening!

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