The Marketing & Operations Dream Team at Dog Haus with CJ Ramirez and Raz Mahrouk
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Hear how Dog Haus has managed to increase sales and revenue during a pandemic year through a tightly aligned, symbiotic partnership between Marketing & Operations.

Dubbed "Markerations", CJ Ramirez (CMO) and Raz Mahrouk (VP of Ops) of Dog Haus join Jen Kern and take listeners on a virtual journey into the inner-workings of the company's unique workplace and service culture. 

The love is real! And it shows, not just on the inside but all the way to how food is prepared, partners are treated, and guests are cherished. 

Top Takeaways: 

  • More brands from one kitchen - Dog Haus has been able to create, test, and launch 4-5 virtual brands out of one existing kitchen, repurposing their menu items and using delivery-only services. 
  • YoY Sales Growth - has increased, due to their adaptability and resourcefulness (not waiting to be perfect); plus extending (vs. shortening) operating hours during the pandemic.
  • Markerations = Marketing + Operations is ONE team, vs. two. They meet 3x a week to collaborate, communicate, and ideate. 
  • 2020 was about data, not feelings. Let's make decisions based upon data. Aggregating all the data silos has been challenging, though. They have two Data Aggregators (Full-Time positions) on their Markerations Team.
  • Customer are called "Fans" and it's not about loyalty and increased dollar spend per visit, it's about them coming back to Dog Haus for life.  That's the brand promise. 
  • Gamification and new training tools - they're using 1Huddle for this and rave about it.

CJ Ramirez on LinkedIn
Dog Haus in the News
The Absolute Brands Concepts:
- Badass Breakfast Burritos
- Bad Muther Clucker
- Plant B (vegan)
- Freiburger
- Huevos Dias


  • "If we're not working as hard as we can for our franchisees, then we're not doing our job. We must look at their budgets as if it was ours, as if their dollars were our dollars."
  • "Hustle is a pace that permeates our entire company. We're able to execute, motivate, analyze, correct, reimplement, etc. It's the natural cycle of marketing and advertising that we now call Markerations."
  • "Everything for us is in knowing that if you come to our location and you love it, then you're going to come back. So, it's about delivering on the brand promise."

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