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The Differences between Counselling and Mentoring
Aug 4, 2018 · 13 min
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There are so many things we can do alone. Play a game of Solitaire, go to the gym to workout, travel, and even bake a cake. But there’s certainly one thing you should never do solo, and that’s your relationship with your partner. Think of it. Every day, you both venture in this thing called life, and every day is one new step.

  • The first time you go on a date
  • The day you propose
  • The moment you take your baby from the hospital
  • …and the list is endless

Now you can definitely learn as you go. Which is not a terrible way to go about it. Learning from your mistakes, adjusting as you go and of course, venturing into the new and experiencing it all. For years and years, many people have lived this way and have been successful at it.

But, what if you didn’t have to do it this way?

What if there was another option? A way that would allow you to navigate through life avoiding some of the hardships and pain alongside people who have gone through the same experiences. And those people would be in the form of either a Counselor, Mentor, or even both working together.

In this Episode, we talk about the differences between a Counselor and a Mentor and how they both can help you get through life.

If you are in a relationship right now and are wanting to take it to the next level, consider finding and connecting with either a Counselor, a Mentor, or better yet, both!

If the idea of a Mentor is something you would like to explore, please consider us as an option. We now have a Resource available to you and would love to chat with you about the possibilities of us working together.

If you’ve ever heard our story, you’ll know that our Mentors have played a HUGE role in saving us from divorce early on in our marriage.

Click below if you would like us to be your Mentors and walk this journey called Marriage with you.

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