Quick and Dirty Marriage Podcast
Love is not...Selfish
Feb 26, 2020 · 12 min
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Love is not...Selfish

Do you feel as though you keep giving into your marriage and there's nothing in return? Like you're being taken for granted?

Or maybe it's is like a tug of war where you do something for yourself then your spouse has to do something for them self to make it equal? Like you buy a nice shirt so then your spouse goes out and gets her nails done? It's tiring living this way. So what do you do?

Simple. A conversation. And here are some guidelines:

  • bring up the conversation when things are good 
    • "Can we please chat about something?"
  • don't accuse 
    • Avoid calling them names
  • use "I" statements 
    • "I've been feeling unappreciated lately"
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