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Winning the War against Screen Time
Jun 27, 2018 · 12 min
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Are you losing the war against screentime? Do you kick, scream and shout when your kids are locked behind their screens for hours? Are you so sick of it that you want to rip your hair out?

There is nothing worse than seeing the back of your child's device...all the time!

When you try to talk to them and all they answer with is "yup...uh-huh...oh ok!" Which translates to, "Sorry I'm not listening to you. I'm kinda busy at the moment." When this happens over and over, 2 things are happening and will happen:

  1. Your kid is so addicted to their screen that they don't even realize it
  2. Your relationship with them will deteriorate over time because of all the arguments that WILL happen

But there is good news! It doesn't always have to be a fight. You don't have to take their device away. In fact, let them keep their device, but then do this one thing.

Take Control.

That's right, control! Remember, you are the parent. You are the one who pays for the internet. You set the rules and you also enforce them. But it doesn't have to be forceful, loud or with yelling and fighting. In fact, you can take control of screentime all with the push of a button.

Your Lifesaver

Introducing, the Circle by Disney. AKA, your new lifesaver. What does the Circle do?

  • Manage Every Device: Circle recognizes and manages every device on your home WiFi
  • Set Time Limits: Create daily time limits on apps and popular sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.
  • Filter Content: Set individual filter levels by age (Pre-K, Kid, Teen, and Adult) for each member of your family.
  • Discover Insights: See where your kids spend the most time online by app and category.
  • Pause the Internet: Pause the Internet for a single family member or the whole family with a single tap.
  • Online usage at a glance: See where your kids spend time online by app and category.

This stroke of genius will do the following for you and your home:

  • Eliminate the yelling, screaming and arguing
  • Lessen the stress around parenting
  • Give you your control back
  • Free your kids to be more creative AND productive
  • Bring peace!!!

But don't just take our word for it, buy it and try it for yourself. Click this link to get it from Amazon today! And if you do, let us know how it works for you.

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