Ep 61 Keep Calm & Esther On - Beit Abba 3-18-22
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In this episode, we shed light on three big ideas we learn about in the story of our beautiful heroine Esther, whose actions saved a nation of God's people. You and Esther have more in common than you think: 

  • Esther had a royal calling. She was outside of the normalcy of life. You have a royal calling and are also outside the "norm." 
  • She had no earthly father. You have a heavenly father 
  • Esther had a hidden Jewish heritage. You have a Jewish heritage.
  • The scepter was extended to Esther by a pagan king. The scepter is being extended to you by the King of Kings. 
  • She stood in the gap in intercession. Some of you have a calling to stand in the gap in intercession. 
  • Esther was able to overturn the plot of the enemy. You have the authority to overturn the plot of the enemy. 
  • Just like Esther, when you pray, you can affect the destiny of people, places, and things around the world and in your own family. 
  • Lastly, just as Esther rules and reigns with the king. You will rule and reign with the King of Kings. 

As recorded at Beit Abba on 3.18.22 

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