Episode 39 - Challenge your comfort zone
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Frankly, even talking about a challenging comfort zone was out of my comfort zone. I am too introverted to get easily out of my comfort zone. But all thanks to my dearest friend Bharti, I tried to get out of my comfort zone and tried to talk about it. I sincerely hope that I am able to provide you some useful tips. As I always say, I am here to share and learn. I am so glad Bharti made me think about this topic and I sincerely hope that you also got some amazing steps to work on.

Step 1 - Introspect why do you want to get out of your comfort zone? 

Step 2 - Conquer the fear of the unknown 

Step 3 : Have a plan

Step 4 - Day by day, step by step

Step 5 -  Be ready to accept 

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Ronak Shah Show | Books | Lifestyle
Ronak Shah Show | Books | Lifestyle
Ronak shah
AUDIOBOOKS vs PAPERBACK books which are best? | my favorite?
Hello guys, In today's video I have shared what is better: AUDIOBOOK or PAPERBACK BOOK I have answered the following questions : benefits of audiobooks? is listing and reading is the same thing? Do audiobook count as reading which is the best audiobook vs reading 🎧 Audible 90 days free - https://ronakblog.com/audible 🛒buy here🛒 https://amzn.to/39Zi5af 🤑 PEARK OF WATCHING THIS VIDEO - 🎧 Audible 90 days free - https://ronakblog.com/audible 🎧 Scribd 60 days free: https://ronakblog.com/scribd 💰 Get 100 cashback on PhonePay - https://ronakblog.com/phonepay 💰 Get 151 cashback on Gpay - https://ronakblog.com/gpay MOST FAVOURITE SOFTWARE 📚  How I remember what I read (Readwise) - https://ronakblog.com/readwise 📱 Get 25% OFF on Domain - https://ronakblog.com/domain 💌  Join the newsletter - https://ronakblog.page.link/Newsletter __ Business enquires - Connect.ronak1@gmail.com __ // PAID CONSULTATION 📞 Do you want to start your FREELANCER career? Let me help you book a call with me. https://shop.ronakblog.com/freelance/ 📞 Hire me as a consultant for marketing, careers, YouTube- anything Schedule a call at https://shop.ronakblog.com ___ Support me - https://www.patreon.com/Ronakshah you can send me Amazon gift cards at connect.ronak1@gmail.com I will thank you in the next video. ___ BE MY FRIEND: 🌍  My website / blog - https://www.ronakblog.com 📸  Instagram - https://instagram.com/ronak_blog 🐦 Twitter - https://twitter.com/ronak_blog 📚 Goodreads - https://goo.gl/xFFrDa --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/ronak--shah/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ronak--shah/support
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The HustlePost Podcast
The HustlePost Podcast
Saloni Srivastava
Is it too late to start an online business?
At the back of your mind, a thought lingers - “maybe I’ve missed the bus”. Maybe it’s too late to start the online business. Maybe all the profitable niches are already saturated. Maybe there’s so much competition out there that it’s impossible to make space and stand out. But wait, is it the truth? Really, is it too late to start your online business now? Umm, will you believe me once again if I tell you along with stating the facts and figures that today is the best time in the history of the internet to start a business online! Well, if you’re curious to know why i said so, listen to today’s episode of “The Hustlepost Podcast”, where I will share in detail with you about why it’s not too late to start an online business and instead why today is a perfect time. Major takeaways from this episode: * Offline markets have existed from centuries, and 100s or 1000s of new stores open up in your city every month and some of them thrive as well. Then, what makes you think that it's too late to start an online business when the entire game of running online biz has started just a couple of decades back. * It's too late to start an online business which solves NO problem. * If you think your favourite niche is saturated, wait. Think again about the country/ world’s population. * Don’t predict your customer’s behaviour based on our behaviour as a customer. * Millions of people are coming online every month. It has become more natural to buy online than ever before. * People are actively using the internet to search for information. Elearning has become a multi-billion dollar company. Digital courses and e-learning programs are skyrocketing and they are among the fastest-growing business models on the internet at this time and age. * Ecommerce is growing at a staggering rate. It is not a temporary boom or seasonal trend anymore. Ecommerce has become a necessity and business reality of today’s world. * Growth is typically slow and profits are slim for a while. Everyone thinks that having a site is 'make money while I sleep' and it isn't. You need to be realistic, solve problems, and work hard to thrive in any business. * Complications of starting an online business have been reduced. * Because of the internet, multiple new niches come up every year giving more opportunity to you to take the first-mover advantage. * There has never been a better time to make money online and not only change your life but also impact millions of people around the globe by offering actionable solutions to their problems. * From the context of 2020, most people are waiting for the dust to settle before making the next move. And waiting is the most dangerous position to be in. 2020 has given birth to new problems and it's time for you to come up with solutions to new problems or else come up with new solutions to old problems.
11 min
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