The Mindful Math Podcast
Chrissy Allison
How can I find time for myself as a teacher? How can I build a classroom community that supports deep learning of mathematics? What does equitable instruction entail, and what mindsets, opportunities, strategies, and outcomes are necessary to achieve it? How can I teach in a way that reaches all students, including students who enter my class with a lot of unfinished learning? What are the most effective ways to increase access to grade-level math and help ‘bridge the gap’? Welcome to The Mindful Math Podcast where we will answer ALL of these questions and so much more! Week by week, host Chrissy Allison brings you the mindset tips, instructional strategies, time-saving tricks, and stories of lessons learned that can help you be at YOUR best so you can best serve your students. A big believer in the 80/20 rule, Chrissy wants to help YOU answer this question above all others: Where should I focus my efforts to make the MOST IMPACT on my students’ learning experience and math proficiency? In short, what actions truly move the needle when it comes to math? Drawing from her vast experience as a math educator over the past two decades, Chrissy shares practical advice you can use to create a positive community in your math classroom, reach every learner no matter their starting point, all while finding balance in your own life. For more information, and to access show notes and resource links for each episode, go to
The Mindful Math Podcast
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