16: Let's Play (80's) with Entrepreneur Legend Ryan Lee
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Howdy, you Beautiful Soul!


Are you ready to play?

This week I get to introduce you to a really remarkable human being, a serial Entrepreneur (seriously, if I think of an entrepreneur this guy comes to my mind) by the name of Ryan Lee!

Ryan is the founder, CEO, and creative genius behind many companies--his latest two are:

The Rewind Company home of the world's best tasting green drinks, with a hefty dose of 80's fun and play.

And Freedym, like a Netflix for entrepreneurs with no fluff to help them in their businesses.

Ryan was also given the title of ‘The World’s #1 Lifestyle Entrepreneur’ by Entrepreneur Magazine.

He does so well, I think, in large part because of his gigantic heart and wanting to do the right thing for people each and every time. You're going to get that on this interview, as well as some great ideas about doing well in whatever business you may do.

He's done this without ever taking a business or marketing class.

He's extraordinarily successful in his businesses AND he cuts out of work at about 3 every day to begin his shift as the world's highest-paid Uber Driver, taking his kids and their friends to their various sports and other activities.

We go DEEP (as usual) and get there pretty quickly...AFTER an 80's trivia stop.

Here are some of the many things that we talk about in this far-ranging conversation about leading a better life:

  • The lessons of being an athlete.
  • The seeds of being an entrepreneur and why grown men would come to his door as a twelve-year-old.
  • The good thing about Social Media (better than penpals)
  • Working with children with special needs (we bond over this one!)
  • "Everything you do...you know, give it everything you've got."
  • Lessons from the kids with Special Needs--a whole world people don't know about.
  • Why we need to include our passions, loves, and hobbies in our businesses.
  • Money isn't the driver...this is.
  • How Rewind gets some crazy response on their ads.
  • Ryan's religion: Family
  • What keeps Chip from getting depressed over finite moments in life that won't happen again.
  • A cool little thing to do with your most loved humans every morning.
  • What to do before starting a business.
  • Why Entrepreneurship is the hardest thing in the world--a little story of a roller coaster day.
  • The correct order for a business (or serving other people)!
  • The giant sunk cost fallacy.
  • A master class of what to do with a business!
  • Our Moms...and 80s Trivia!

MAY 6th--Ryan is hosting a LIVE online Workshop called MICRO at 11 am Eastern and ending whenever EVERYONE who is on the call has their belly full of marketing and business deliciousness. He's spilling his guts on everything, and that's a LOT.

To get more info and join him and me on--check out either RyanLee.com or join his Freedym Group on Facebook!

Hey, you know what I'm going to say, right? Because it's TRUE.

You are loved and deserving!

Chip ❤️👍

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