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Hey there Beautiful Soul reading this!

I'm SO glad to have you here!

This episode is all about ENERGY, and how to create it on DEMAND in our lives!

Here is the special 87% offer I mention in the episode! www.ChipFranks.com/special

I'm on a special goal for my life to improve and increase my physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional energy in my life now. In fact, I share a very personal goal and intention I have with my life at the beginning of this episode.

In this solo episode (you're going to hear a lot of JUST me!) we go over:

  • The reason ENERGY is so important (yes, we know it is, but here's why I think it's more important than we realize)!

  • My new goal with energy, why it's so important to me, and some of the ways I'm accomplishing it!

  • 13 different ways to BOOST our energy and many of these are immediate things that we can do NOW!

  • The biggest and easiest way to improve our energy. Hint: we can only go a few minutes without this before we die.

  • 75%+ of Americans have THIS as a chronic condition, and it's easy to fix by joining Club Clear!

  • What the heck Sleep Hygiene is, and a few tips to get it!

  • How to add fun along with our energy during the day.

  • Why NOT eating will give us a boost!

  • Why we're like Superman (and Superwoman)!

  • How Motion precedes E-motion, and what that means for our energy.

  • The spiritual side of Energy creation!

  • Two methods I use to meditate.

  • And what God told me to tell YOU about energy. Ask and ye shall receive!

I'm sure you're going to like this and get several ideas on getting lots more ENERGY in our lives. What I recommend is to listen and take notes, or concentrate on one or two of these methods and then come back later for more when you've got the first few mastered!

I love you, and it's an honor for me to share this with you. Thank you for listening to The ChipChat Podcast!

You're loved and deserving,

❤️👍 Chip Franks

My 87% off special of Life Strategies can be found HERE.

and I also mentioned Ziva Meditation with my friend Emily, which is amazing and wholeheartedly endorse it...she gives a FREE 3-day Training for Ziva and you can get that HERE!

(Note: Emily likes to pay us when we send folks her way that end up getting her meditation courses...so if you do get it, I get a little something, but the price will remain the same regardless! I just want to be upfront with that, and regardless of being paid, I will never endorse anything that I don't use and enjoy!

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