Lowering Your Cost of Living
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Many of us don’t like to talk or think about money, but there is a direct correlation between your finances and your passion. This week Britt brings you another solo show, where she explores topics that positively and/or negatively impact your enthusiasm—this discussion is all about taking a long look at your cost of living.

In this episode, Britt talks about balancing your finances to protect your enthusiasm—and why focusing only on income-generating activities will drain your time and energy reserves.

Having lived and left the West Coast twice, Britt has seen firsthand how lowering your cost of living can raise your quality of life. She shares her own experience, where she lost her love for writing blogs and books to maintain a life in Portland, Oregon and how moving back to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and gaining financial relief helped reignite her creative passions.

Britt expands on The Wheel of Life and the Money Dial, and how to use these tools to get your finances back on track. You’ll also hear tips on prioritizing how you spend money, decreasing costs and increasing efficiency, and making a calculated decision to move to a more affordable city.

It’s not about chasing money...it’s about using money as a tool. If your finances are more balanced, it’s easier to focus on your passion because you have less stress, anxiety, and uncertainty. If your finances are out of whack, it’s time to address this area in your life. And, lowering your cost of living plays an important role.

Show Notes and Transcript: https://loveyourenthusiasm.com/lowering-your-cost-of-living/

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