Breaking Through Your Limiting Beliefs with Nina Cooke
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Limiting beliefs are negative thought patterns that hinder our decision-making abilities, prevent us from reaching our full potential, and can cause harm to the people around us. As Nina Cooke explains during this episode, there is no such thing as objective reality, and the way we perceive our circumstances is what causes us to succeed or fail. In other words, it’s all about your mindset! There are so many different types of mindset blocks that we humans have, and so many ways in which we self-sabotage, but thankfully, there is also another way. Tune in today to hear how Nina has changed people’s lives by coaching them through their limiting beliefs, and
what you can start doing today to overcome yours.

Key Points From This Episode:
• Nina explains how our perception of our reality helps us or harms us.
• What it looks like when we make decisions from a place of fear.
• The difference between intentional and default decision-making.
• When many of our limiting beliefs begin to form.
• Why limiting beliefs are so dangerous.
• A real-world example that highlights how your limiting beliefs can affect your income.
• Nina shares a story of how our confidence levels affect our work.
• Some of the most common types of mental blocks people experience.
• The best way to get people to listen to you.
• Why we should all try to be more present.
• The importance of practicing self-care.
“It’s never people or the situation or the circumstances that block us and get in the way, we do it all on our own.” — @YourInnerGame [0:03:25]
“It is the thoughts and the feelings that we have about what we can achieve that will make or break us.” — @YourInnerGame [0:04:44]
“We don’t have to wait for things to change from the outside, we can take our control back, our power back, and make things happen for us.” — @YourInnerGame [0:15:38]
“When people speak with real integrity and they’re aligned with their values and what they believe in, then people listen to them.” — @YourInnerGame [0:19:34]

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