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Sep 10, 2020
Live Q&A Session #1: Design thinking & building a career abroad with Brittany Arthur.
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The Femme Lead Live Q&A Session is a new piece of content that focuses on having answers to some of the questions listeners have after hearing the interview. The guests tune in live to answer questions from the viewers that see the live stream via Facebook Live or Instagram. If you want to know when the next live Q&A session happens, follow us @femmeleadpodcast on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

In this episode, Brittany focuses on sharing more thoughts on how to use design thinking for your innovation endeavors, how to be strategic about using design thinking but she also talks about building a career abroad.

The questions that we tackle refer to building her consulting practice, what are some of the skills required for such a career, how to build a business in a new country, and how to manage the setup when you are not in your home country and want to build your career there.

You can check the video of the live stream on multiple channels:

Facebook - http://bit.ly/LiveSession-DesignThinking
Youtube - https://bit.ly/FemmeLead-Youtube
Website - https://www.femmeleadpodcast.com/post/live-q-a-session-1-design-thinking-and-innovation-with-brittany-arthur 

Discussion points:

03:20 How to use design thinking to help your innovation efforts? 

05:50 What is the process to follow for implementing design thinking? 

08:50 What is the best setup for companies who can't hire innovation consultants?

14:00 What are some tips for building your own consulting practice or business?

18:30 What are the most important aspects to succeed in building your business?

23:30 How to open a business in a foreign country and deal with cultural differences?

29:11 What are other pieces of advice around building a business abroad?

33:05 What are the most important skills for someone who considers developing a career in consulting?

37:00 How can we develop a business in COVID-19 times and how hard it is to succeed? 

39:30 What are the 3 main points that played a key role in Brittany's career development?

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