Two Coach Podcast
Two Coach Podcast
May 15, 2020
Ep. 2: It starts with a degree of self love
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Welcome to the second installment of the Two Coach Confidence podcast. In today's episode we are joined by the incredibly talented Tom Gayle. Tom is a Broadcast Journalist, Presenter, Commentator and Producer. Tom has worked for a variety of BBC radio and television channels, as well as covering a multitude of other sporting events for well known media companies. Tom has had the opportunity to interview some of the highest profile sports athletes in the world as well as regularly commentating to audiences of millions.

In this episode, we talk about,

  • Tom's fascinating journey from (in his own words) being a reasonable athlete, to teacher, to now talking in front of global audiences on a regular basis.
  • How being a teacher developed Toms confidence and how that experience has supported his transition into speaking in front of large audiences.
  • Tom shares his open and honest view of how his family have played a huge role in his ability to be confident.
  • We talk about how asking for help inevitably leads to feeling more confident.
  • Tom reflects on how deciding what he wanted to focus on and then taking the necessary action to achieve these outcomes, almost by default,  creates confidence.
  • Tom discussed how essential feedback has played an invaluable role in his career to date, , regardless of its intent.
  • We touch on the impact social media has on people's perception of Tom and how confident he must be due to the nature of his work.
  • We explore what Tom believes are the key attributes that make up confidence.
  • Tom discusses how practice, experience and seeking out situations in which to grow and develop have been integral in becoming confident.
  • Tom also talks about the importance of having an intimate partner who supports him, and how this plays a significant part in being secure in himself
  • Are there any differences about how males and females approach or are perceived to approach confidence.
  • As we move towards the end of the episode Tom gives us his top 3 tips to feel more confident and how it all starts with having a degree of self love!

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