13. The Power of Choice in Any Situation
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Trigger warning! In this episode, I will mention sexual harassment and abuse. Nothing graphic or detailed, but I just wanted to let you know ahead of time.

Today we are going to talk about free will, choice, options, and how to apply our ability to choose in any situation. We will talk about why it's so disempowering to think that you don't have options when you do, and the fact that there are extremely few things adult human beings have to do in life. Naturally, there will be consequences of our actions regardless of what we choose... but that does not take away our right!

This information can then be applied to your relationships. Are you exercising your right to choose how to think, feel, and act? And are you allowing your partner to exercise their right to do the same? Perhaps this is a topic you want to explore further. In that case, I have created a 5-Day Challenge for anyone who wants to become more aware of what free will looks like with their partner!

Join the 5-Day Challenge to increase love and connection in your relationship:

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