PT. 2 How Anyone Can Start Using Video for Their Business & Find Their Story With Dennis Morrison
49 min

This interview is split into two parts – the first is geared towards creative entrepreneurs – with part 2 focusing on how businesses can harness video marketing.

In part two of this interview, Dennis takes us through his Find Your Story program and his Audience Magnet online platform to help businesses connect with their audiences.
There are tips on talking to camera, how video personalisation is a powerful tool, why every business should be using video right now and how to tell the story of a vegan sausage factory with video.

Dennis Morrison is a serial entrepreneur, business storyteller and founder of Audience Magnet, which helps businesses and professionals to communicate authentically and effectively.

When he’s not lecturing in post production at The London Film Academy, Central film School or Ravensbourne University, he’s helping business owners and digital creators find their own unique voice through his 'Find Your Story' program.

Dennis has worked in the Film & TV industry for over 30 years, and has created branded content for companies like Diesel, L'Oréal and Red Bull. He’s consulted on numerous video projects for various companies, helping them develop their video strategies and build their audience. He is a business mentor and marketing story strategist.

Dennnis says, 'The truth is that storytelling can be learned like any other skill or technique. But you need an experienced guide to break down the structures of communications and storytelling, into a step-by-step system that you can start using immediately in your business. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned marketing pro.'

You'll discover:

  • How to promote a sausage factory with video 
  • Smart phone filming tips
  • Why people are buying into people   
  • Why you should document your struggles
  • Why every business would be using video 
  • Why it’s not about you it’s about them
  • Why you should just press record 
  • Why there’s magic in looking into the lens of a camera
  • Tips for filming yourself 
  • Why personalisation of video is big for brands 
  • Why he is targeting women in the USA
  • Why small business owners should do their own marketing
  • How to find your own brand story
  • Why he is driven by freedom of choice
  • How Imposter syndrome holds creatives back  
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