Episode #3: Embrace the Pain to Avoid the Suffering with Brian Bogert
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Episode 3: Show Notes.

Sometimes, we go through difficult things that prevent us from achieving our full potential, whether it’s chronic pain, or something as simple as being fearful of new experiences. My friend and kindred spirit Brian Bogert is an expert in overcoming adversity. In this episode, you will hear Brian’s extraordinary story of recovering from a devastating accident as a young child and learning, with the support of his family, what it means to embrace pain to avoid suffering. Brian’s perspective is that, no matter what, we always have a minimum of two choices. You’ll be inspired by his choice to embrace the pain of walking away from his multimillion dollar business in order to speak and coach others to help them live the life they really want. In this episode, Brian introduces his mantra, tells us the story of his accident, and explains how we can apply his lessons to everyday adversities, no matter how insignificant we may consider them. Brian shares his advice on how to change your perspective and discern what is within your control, as well as how to acknowledge the suffering you wish to avoid. He talks us through identifying the pain that we tend to avoid, and learning to embrace it, and establishing how to choose pain as a habit to avoid suffering in all areas of our lives. This session is so full of golden nuggets for you, you’ll want to hear this one more than once! Tune in today.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Brian introduces his mantra: embrace pain, avoid suffering.
  • Brian tells the graphic story of the accident he was in as a child and how it has shaped him.
  • How people can apply Brian’s lessons to everyday adversities, no matter how small.
  • The difference between pain and chronic pain, which Brian believes is suffering.
  • Discerning between what is in your control and what is beyond your control.
  • Choosing to change your perspective of a situation or remove yourself from that situation.
  • Brain shares how he got stuck on an inactive path because of fear and how he took action.
  • Our evolutionary conditioning to avoid pain and why we should choose to embrace it.
  • The first three steps that Brian suggests for someone to get started with embracing pain.
  • Brian explains how to ‘acknowledge the suffering that we wish to avoid’.
  • Brian explains how to 'identify the pain that you tend to avoid, and learn to embrace it’.
  • How to establish choosing pain as a habit to avoid suffering in all areas of our lives.
  • Purpose can overtake pain if we’re clear about our objectives.
  • It’s not about ‘should’, it’s what you ‘could’ or ‘would’ do if you weren’t confined by limits.
  • Brian’s transition from the insurance industry to full-time is doing currently and how people can contact him.

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