Hopeless to Hopeful: Responding to Grief at Work with Anne DeButte (S2E20)
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Episode S2E18: Show Notes.

It is so easy to lose ourselves in grief, to feel like the heaviness will never lift. Known as a purveyor of hope, today’s guest started a podcast called Let’s Talk About Grief in 2018 when she discovered that many people viewed death and grief as negative and held little hope about life after grief. As a retired nurse and having studied Well Being Psychology at Yale and Positive Psychology at Penn State, Anne DeButte coaches individuals to move from hopeless to hopeful, helping them make a positive shift along the path of grieving without getting lost in it. In today’s episode, Anne shares the importance of recognizing and allowing yourself to feel your emotions rather than distracting yourself from them. We also discuss the losses everyone has experienced during COVID, how to support those in your workplace who have suffered a loss, and the value of reviewing HR policies around bereavement, so make sure to tune in today to learn more! 

Key Points From This Episode:

•    Anne starts by acknowledging the grief everyone has been through during COVID.

•    She speaks candidly about the grief she experienced when her father passed away.

•    The importance of naming your grief and giving yourself permission to feel your emotions rather than avoiding them.

•    Common responses to grief and why they are full of could’s, should’s, and would’s.

•    Why grief or a broken heart can’t necessarily “heal” in the same manner as the body does.

•    Extending compassion toward yourself and others who are going through grief.

•    Understanding that grief isn’t comparable and there is no loss too small or too great.

•    How to engage with and support someone in your workplace who has experienced a loss by simply being there for them.

•    Anne’s advice for “being there” for someone during the isolation of the pandemic: reach out.

•    Why being in nature can be so healing for someone who is grieving.

•    How leaders can play a big role by speaking about grief in the workplace.

•    The value of reviewing HR policies around bereavement, particularly during COVID.

•    Why it is so important to make space for grief, whether personally or in the workplace.

•    Find out how grief coaching can guide you from where you are to where you want to be.

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