Connecting Love to Banking with Chelsea Kim (S2E18)
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A bank which has love at the core of its philosophy: it’s almost impossible to imagine, but our guest on today’s show, Chelsea Kim, has been an integral part of turning this concept into reality. Chelsea’s background in health education, and her drive to help others, ended up leading her into the FinTech world where, in November 2020, she co-founded BELLA. BELLA is a bank with a wonderful twist; giving back. In this episode, Chelsea explains how BELLA works, the challenges they have experienced with launching the app, and how the mindset change brought about by the pandemic actually helped boost BELLA’s growth. Being a disruptor isn’t easy, but the companies that break the mold are the ones that have the potential to create the biggest positive impacts. BELLA is a disruptor in the strongest sense of the word, and we are so excited to follow their developments into the future as they inject love, joy, and kindness into the world! 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • When Chelsea realized she wanted to help others, and how that internal drive has shaped her life. 
  • Love and joy are the forces behind BELLA. 
  • The scarcity mindset that generally exists in wealth creation industries. 
  • BELLA’s aim is to inject love into an industry that has historically ignored it.
  • An example of one of BELLA’s programs; the Karma Account.
  • Chelsea’s educational and career background and how she ended up in the FinTech space.
  • How Chelsea embodies the bumblebee principle. 
  • Challenges that the BELLA team were confronted with, launching during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Ways that the pandemic actually worked to BELLA’s advantage.
  • The two facets of BELLA, and where you can sign up. 
  • How banking through BELLA differs from banking through a traditional bank app.
  • Chelsea’s approach to leadership. 
  • Why BELLA has chosen to keep their operation remote. 
  • Advice from Chelsea about following your dreams, no matter how out of reach they may seem.

Here's how people can get involved with BELLA:

  1. Become a banking member - download the BELLA loves me App from the App Store or PlayStore (there are links on our website if they don't want to search -
  2. Follow us on Instagram ( - this is our main communication channel for the Community. If they don't want a bank account, they can participate in our events and keep up with our programs here
  3. We're hiring and they can come work with us to create the reLOVEution! Open jobs are posted on our website and LinkedIn.
  4. They can also ask questions and talk directly to our teams through Instagram DM, website "Message Us", or in the BELLA App by typing "human"
  5. If they have an initiative that they support and think aligns to our values, they can email and tell us about it

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:


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