S2E4: The Innovation Whisperer: Kristen Pinkston Knowles
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Here on the MOJO Maker for Womxn in Tech Podcast, you hear about all kinds of approaches for making a better workplace from the inside out. Today’s guest goes even further. Kristen Knowles believes that a better workplace grows through executives, who do the inner work of connecting deeply to their purpose, and she has the results to prove it. You might say that Kristen’s heart-centered work makes her the tech industry’s “innovation whisperer.” In this episode, she shares a bit more about her background and the work that she does as an international speaker, expert in leadership development, and the President and CEO of Brave Leaders Group. She explains why this important work should start from the top-down and how she helps her clients do the internal work through her one-on-one coaching programs. You’ll also learn about the progress Kristen has observed in creating safe, inclusive, and equitable workplaces and how she believes we can achieve true diversity. Her advice to professional women working in tech is on point, and you’ll find her optimism encouraging, so make sure to tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Hear a bit more about Kristen’s background and how it informed her current role.
  • Finding corporate clients in tech that were receptive to her heart-centered approach.
  • Why this kind of work should start from the top-down; get executive leaders on board first.
  • How Kristen helps her clients do the internal work using one-one-one coaching methods.
  • The progress that Kristen sees in creating safer and more inclusive environments.
  • The importance of asking for feedback and receiving it with an open mind.
  • Why leaders have to exemplify the work they want others to emulate.
  • Being strong and capable while also staying soft and teachable; finding a healthy balance.
  • The presence of women and women of color in tech and how Kristen sees that evolving.
  • Valuing diversity versus showing inclusion and actually having an equitable workplace.
  • While men are less risk-averse and more likely to value ROI, there is the need to be flexible and adaptable to evolve.
  • Kristen’s advice for women in tech: deeply connect with your purpose and your why.
  • The power of being true to yourself, even in the midst of failure.
  • Kristen asserts that the most important work is the internal work, even if it’s hard; that’s where true transformation lies.

“The most important work is typically the internal work first and we don’t like that and it’s hard. It’s not quick, get rich, easy, fix my problem, but it’s where the true growth and transformation happens.” — Kristen Knowles [0:45:47]

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