S2E1: With Confidence, Abundance and Networking...Yes, You CAN! with Aleta Jeffress
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The theory of abundance suggests that, if you align your thoughts and feelings with positivity and opportunity, you can begin attracting personal and material abundance in your own life.  If you find yourself in a place where the role doesn’t feel right, the boss isn’t a good fit, or whatever it may look like, know that there is always another opportunity. You just need to get out and look for it. 

Our guest today is Aleta Jeffress. Aleta is the Vice President of Consulting Services for CGI. She has over 20 years as a successful CIO, executive business leader, and technologist, building relationships between business and technology to enable digital transformation and market growth. 

Aleta is truly such a special individual for us to listen to as she talks about building relationships, connecting with one another, and forging her path to her role as a senior leader. She shares her opinion on seizing abundance and the importance of continuing your search for options that are out there; finding the right fit. You’ll also learn why investing in yourself, on your own terms, for your own benefit, is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your career, how hiring a relational sales coach impacted her greatly, and so much more. So, tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Aleta describes the work she was doing before moving to Denver, Colorado.
  • How she weighed up different cities and why she settled on Denver; with its emphasis on women in tech.
  • Why she values one-on-one interaction and follow-up as part of her networking strategy.
  • Aleta talks about her new role and her work in the Denver technology community.
  • Her perspective of women in tech now and how that’s changed over the years.
  • Hear about Bro Culture, Only and Lonely, and Aleta’s personal experience as a woman leader in tech.
  • How Aleta established her aura of confidence; identifying key parts to figure it out for yourself. 
  • How going through the ‘sales journey’ helped establish Aleta’s presence and confidence.
  • Aleta talks about the process of hiring a relational sales coach and how that impacted her. 
  • Why it is key to invest in yourself, on your own terms, for your own benefit. 
  • The seasons in life – there’s a season for everything just continue to look for options.
  • Aleta shares two go the big challenges she overcame during her career.
  • Some last words of advice from Aleta; security is an art. 

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Aleta Jeffress on LinkedIn


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