Ep2. Skill development training; access to facilities, motivating young athletes, equipment and aids you can use
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Thanks to the 100s of people that listened to episode one.

In our second episode of our three-episode pilot, Coach Gabriel Saldavia of Lab46 joins Coach Janx of High-Performance Hoops Network to discuss:
- When and where can I work out? (how to access facilities and how to fit it in)
- If an athlete wants IT less than their parents, and parents are driving the workouts, how do we motivate the athlete?
- What apparatus do you use in a workout? How and Why?

Shoutouts at the start, including updating listeners on the 2x2020 College commitments made since the last episode. And we also shout out and thank many of the people that provided feedback and ideas from the first episode.

At the start of the episode Gab and Janx also revisit some topics from episode 1, adding some more detail, focussing on:
- The athlete's needs analysis for trainers and individualised development for athlete skill development
- Development that youth players get through playing games vs team practices vs skill development sessions. What's important for player development?
- The enthusiasm of trainers. Fake vs real enthusiasm.
- Expanding on the idea that "relationship overrides niche" for how athletes should choose skill trainers.
- "Angles, Footwork and Follow through" what these points of emphasis mean and why they're important.

We look forward to all your thoughts and feedback. Please listen to this podcast, get value from it, build your athletes up, and grow and develop our GREAT SPORT!!!

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