Ep3. Athlete's need analysis, style of play and culture at club level to encourage skill development, moves on the rim, benchmark drills and scores
43 min

We've had 100s of listeners from all over the country to episodes 1 and 2 and we hope we are building the skill development industry for athletes, as well as skill development and club coaches alike.  We also hope that parents are getting information for how to support their child's skill development.

In our third episode of our three-episode pilot, Coach Gabriel Saldavia of Lab46 joins Coach Janx of High-Performance Hoops Network to discuss:

  • An athlete's needs analysis. To provide personalised development for athletes it is vital that club coaches provide information directly, or through parents, to the skill development coach on athlete needs.  We break this down in detail.
  • Encouraging skill development through a style of play and team culture and the district, club, and rep team level.
  • Moves on the rim you should develop.  Different moves on the rim to learn and develop through skill development sessions.
  • Benchmark drills to measure your improvement.  We work through benchmark drills athletes can do.  Record their scores for to benchmark against themselves or peers in their age group.

We also answer listener questions from our Instagram survey including:

  • As a coach or trainer what, what do you look for in terms of an ideal player?
  • What are the main things to focus on in order to be a lights out shooter?
  • What's the main resource you use to come up with new/different drills?

Shoutouts in this episode to Tom Giles, Adam Cohen, Curtis Scipio, Jemma Saponari and Lat Mayen.

We look forward to all your thoughts and feedback. Please listen to this podcast, get value from it, build your athletes up, and grow and develop our GREAT SPORT!!!


00:00:11 Introduction to HPHN

00:01:16 Introduction to this episode

00:03:03 Questions from our listeners

00:12:01 Athlete's needs analysis
00:17:37 Encouraging skill development through a style of play and team culture and the district, club and rep team level

00:23:20 Moves on the rim to practice

00:31:45 Benchmark drills to measure your improvement

00:40:50 Conclusion and thanks

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