Being Yoga with Michael Daly
Shelly Fruend - Heal your body with Somatic Yoga Therapy
May 7, 2020 · 1 hr 32 min
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In this episode with physiotherapist Shelly Fruend, we learn about how to practice yoga safely and how Somatic Therapy can be integrated into regular Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes to add a new dimension of strengthening and flexibility.  We also discuss breathing practices and techniques and why gentle slow breathing is preferred when it comes to long term sustainable yoga practice.  

In her somatics practice, Shelly describes the technique of pandiculation whereby we can learn to regain voluntary control over our muscles at a deep level and remember how to move freely again.  

Shelly is an expert in movement and healing as well as a long term meditator and yoga practitioner.  She works as a physiotherapist, yoga teacher and clinical somatic educator.  She describes her work as creating space for students and clients to sense their bodies from within, listen to their inner guidance and to remember how to regain voluntary control over their Being.  

Her influences have been Thomas Hanna who helped develop Hanna Somatic Movement and Clinical Somatics.  

Shelly runs a private physiotherapy clinic as well as somatic movement education and yoga therapy.  


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