Being Yoga with Michael Daly
How to Play the Edge and Make Great Choices in Yoga and in Life - Vanessa Rudge and Michael Daly
Jun 18, 2020 · 52 min
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In this episode, my partner Vanessa Rudge and I sit down for a fireside chat where we discuss how to make great choices in yoga and in life.  Vanessa talks about her own experiences in yoga when dealing with struggle, pain and injury.  We talk about the Being Yoga model of playing the edge and the three choices when meeting any threshold - exit, hold and deepen.

Vanessa says that it was this model that actually saved our relationship - so that was good to know!

I also discuss my modern template of mindfulness where we don't only work with the idea of presence but also extend the practice into the past and future.  In this way you can future pace your decisions before even making them and then take time afterward to savour and reflect on your experiences.  This model of mindfulness has been super helpful for my clients when dealing with motivation and addiction. 

If you're interested in any of the ideas presented in this episode, we teach a range of courses that work with these concepts - yoga teacher training, meditation teacher training, retreats and personalised coaching sessions.


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