Episode 07 Sadhvi Shivjyoti | Yogic Nun and Sacred Jewellery Designer | Your Inner Guidance System and Healing with Malas - Part 2
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On this podcast we continue our chat with Yogic Nun and sacred Jewellery Designer, Sadhvi Shivjyoti.
She is one of few Australian women to be ordained in the Dasnami order of Sanyas and while very much part of the world, her inner resolve will always be, as Shivjyoti says “crystal clear.”
In this conversation (over two episodes), we deep dive into the nature of our 'inner guidance system' and harnessing the healing and manifesting powers of sacred malas.

We both elaborate on listening to your 'inner guidance system' to understand your truth. Your inner guidance system is usually a feeling, a deep down knowing. You might call it a gut feeling or something you know in your heart of hearts. That’s who you really are, and its nudges and wisdom are 100% reliable. It always has your best interests at heart. It knows the way through the fog and out into the sunshine... 

Shivjyoti explains there is a voice in each of us that is unburdened by fear and untouched by insecurity, that is absolute calm, that emanates love for oneself and others and this is our "true north." By following the cues of her inner guidance system Shivjyoti knew it was time to leave the yogic nun life in an Indian ashram and return to Melbourne, Australia to open her own yoga and meditation studio. She so eloquently explains how the natural interaction with her students was Source (God) calling her to design sacred jewellery that transmutes energetic healing for those whom are drawn to wear this.

Today, Shivjyoti creates numerous malas with purpose and power to draw the soul of her students back to their purpose and Source. Now more than ever, aligned in her soul’s purpose and within the COVID-19 global reset, Shivjyoti is sending these creations around the world each day. These healing malas support many to fulfill their dreams and utilise their own personal power for the good of all.

Shivjyoti has an exclusive offer for you on all of her beautiful handmade malas. Click here to visit Shivoham collection and use the discount code NISO10 for 10% OFF FIRST PURCHASES at checkout.

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