Ep. 4: What Actually Happened and The Stories We Tell Ourselves
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How often have you made an assumption about a friend or colleague that's totally turned out to be wrong? A person you thought was really nice, or really mean, who actually ended up being the total opposite? Who completely demolished that first story you created about them?

We write stories about everything around us. It's important - it's how we come to understand the gaps between the limited amount of information we get, our inability to ever truly know what someone else is thinking, and our desire to understand and process information and relationships anyway. The stories we tell make up how we see the world.

But what happens when the stories we tell ourselves wreak havoc on our world, and our ability to show up for our health and well-being? Listen to this episode for more.

*For show notes on today's episode and more, check out www.TheGreenRoomPodcast.info

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