Left Twitter w/ Rob Rousseau
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Twitter. It’s either the best social network, or responsible for our broken political system. 

Beyond all the hyperbole, Twitter serves as a special place for progressives. More so than many other social network, it’s helped create and build awareness about a new generation of leftists who otherwise wouldn’t have a platform. 

In this episode, I talked to Rob Rousseau,. If you follow leftist Twitter, you’ll have inevitably seen Robs’ account going viral. Rob is part of that new generation of leftists that are harnessing Twitter to build new and exciting leftist media.

I talked to Rob about how he built his audience, how he used his audience to launch other media, which we talk about, the struggle all of us face for turning twitter fans into subscribers, how the leftist twitter community is shaping mainstream corporate media and whether the left can win without building an alternative to corporate media.

Follow Rob on Twitter and check out his shows 49th Parallel, The Insurgents and Big Rings Pod. Make sure to support Rob's incredible work on Patreon

1:48 - How Rob built his Twitter following
11:56 - Is Twitter good or bad for the left
15:35 - Managing mental health
18:10 - Rob’s different shows
23:26 - Growing online leftist communities and the importance of working together
26:30 - Turning Twitter fans into subscribers
30:45 - Discord, merch and community building
34:30 - Canada’s podcasting ecosystem
36:02 - How the left is shaping news and media
39:36 - Canada vs US leftist media
43:38 - Can the left win without building an alternative to corporate media?

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