...what we can learn from poop? (with Ryan Rampersaud)
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Earlier this year we spoke with Dr. Ryan Rampersaud, a professor of psychiatry at UC San Francisco to figure out if your gut can really talk to your brain. He told us about the microorganisms that live in your gastrointestinal tract, collectively known as your gut microbiome, and how they're able to send messages all the way up to your brain. Now, during that interview, Ryan mentioned that the quickest way to understand what's in the gut microbiome is to collect a stool sample. Poop there it is! Not only did we have questions about how a poop sample is collected and studied, but...


Ever wonder if your poop can tell doctors about your health? 


So pull up a stool because in this short, Ryan will help us get to the bottom of this question. I know, I know poop puns may not be my favorite, but they're definitely number two. Here's more of our host, Perry Roth-Johnson, continuing his conversation with Ryan.


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