...how your immune system knows good microbes from bad? (with Joël Babdor)
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Our immune systems are always hard at work protecting us from viruses, bacteria, and other critters that can infect our bodies and make us sick.

But on an earlier episode, we learned that the human body is teeming with microscopic creatures. These microbes—collectively known as the human microbiome—are always with us, coexisting with us and even benefiting our health.

Ever wonder how your immune system knows good microbes from bad?

To find out, we talked to Dr. Joël Babdor (@JoelBabdor), an immunologist at UCSF who studies how the immune system and microbiome interact with each other. Joël walks us through how our immune system works, and how studying the microbiome in health can help us understand and treat a wide variety of diseases. Joël is also the co-founder of BlackInImmuno, an organization that aims to amplify, celebrate, and support Black people in immunology.

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