Love In The Times of a Pandemic
Akanksha Krishnani for Fuerteventura Times
Love in The Times of a Pandemic is a heartwarming Weekly podcast starting this Sunday night, May 10th, 2020, 19.00h GMT, where the ultra-talented sound artist and art curator Akanksha Krishnani takes us through a musical storytelling experience in her unique way, narrating some of most thought-provoking love stories experienced during a global lockdown. Stories of falling in and out of love, anecdotes of remembering someone when locked down to even rethinking togetherness with those currently homebound. In an ode to love and all the complex emotions experienced during this collective global pause, brings you a special podcast series to celebrate this much-needed global emotion called LOVE. Upcoming Episodes: 6th June 2020 | Episode 4- "Ecstacy in Beirut" Subscribe to our podcast & experience love again. Follow us to Get Inspired @FuerteventuraTimes @akankshakrishnani
Love In The Times of a Pandemic
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