How To Do More With Less ft Max Altschuler, VP of Sales Engagement at Outreach & Founder of Sales Hacker
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Today we have on the man who needs no introduction, Max Altschuler. Founder and CEO of Sales Hacker, the leading community for the next generation of sales professionals.  He’s the author of Hacking Sales, Sales Engagement, and Career Hacking For Millennials. Max went on to sell his groundbreaking sales community to Outreach and negotiated a role as VP of Marketing, now VP of Sales Enablement at the company.  A well respected voice in sales, marketing, technology, and content creation. Here to teach us how to hack sales and do more with less. 

Topics we cover this episode 

  • Creating Sales Hacker from a need he saw in the sales industry 
  • How he capitalized on a "new era" of sales 
  • Why sales advice is a dime a dozen.  Idea<Execution 
  • How to use marketing to build brand awareness ---> Inbound lead generation
  • How SDR's / AE's should sell to C Suite : Understand the problem you're solving.  Are you selling a pain pill or a vitamin? 
  • The Bow Tie Theory - How to align sales and marketing departments. 
  • Responsibility on the buyer to not be a d!@k? Which side are you on? 

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