Shares, Stakes, Start Ups, and... Sharks? / The Lowly SDR Guide to Venture Capitalism ft. Brian Murray (Managing Director @ Craft Ventures)
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On today’s episode of The Lowly SDR Podcast!!! We dive into the shark invested waters of VCs (Venture Capitalism) with Brian Murray (Managing Director @ Craft Ventures), here to discuss:

  1. His impressive RISE through SaaS
  2. His experience GROWING and SCALING successful START UPS
  3. What it looks like when a company gets ACQUIRED 
  4. Why he decided to SWIM with “THE SHARKS” in the world of VENTURE CAPITALISM? And how shows like “Shark Tank” do a DISSERVICE to how VC’s REALLY are...
  5. How all those experiences lead him to BELIVE and INVEST in one of the HOTTEST start ups in SaaS = Sendoso

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Special thanks to Craft Ventures & Sendoso for making this episode possible!

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