27. How to realize you may be an anchor in your own life, with Erin Disbennet
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Have you ever hit a moment when you realize you have impeded your own progress in life? Do you know how to overcome this? I met today's podcast guest, Erin Disbennet, in Cabo, Mexico, at a mastermind retreat. It quickly became apparent she is the more beautiful, younger, female version of me. During our interview, Erin explores how she realized she had to become vulnerable to get uncomfortable and leave her former job to create her own company.

Erin Disbennet
At 27 years old, Erin Disbennet is a firecracker ready to destroy the status quo of societal norms. That is why they call her "the queen of positive disruption"! She is the owner of an international business that put over $1,000,000 worth of human performance technology into the market place during 2020. Erin is also the CEO and co-founder of Amplitude Sports, a sports marketing agency revolutionizing the way companies invest in sports partnerships (set to launch summer 2021)!

Erin's IG: @DailyDisruptiveCollective
Erin's TikTok @ErinDisbennet

You'll Learn

  • How to discover your higher purpose by saying YES to opportunities
  • How to challenge your thoughts to find what you want in life
  • When you realize you have become an anchor in life and what to do about it
  • What you hear in your head when you are insecure with a life moment
  • When your brain holds you back in life and how to find a way to listen to your gut
  • Why life inflection moments are the most impactful to your life journey
  • Why you have to get uncomfortable in life to get comfortable
  • How being willing to grow while experiencing your personal insecurities will set you up for future success
  • Why you must become vulnerable to unlock creation and innovation which will lead to life success
  • Why your life journey is not a linear path
  • Why the more vulnerable you get, the more authentic you become

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