17. What happens when the internal steam for your career runs out in your late thirties, with Michael Koluch
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Do you find you are collecting skill sets to achieve future success and positions in your career? But what happens when the internal steam for your chosen career runs out mid-career? How do you navigate into a new path? I interviewed my best friend's husband about his 18 year career in higher education only to realize his career path was not fulfilling. He decided to go back to school in his late thirties as a married father of two children in order to build a brand-new, unrelated career path for himself. This insightful conversation is for anyone questioning their career midway through it. I'm so proud of Michael for being able to take the leap and share his brave story.

Michael Koluch
Michael is an IT professional, skilled presenter/trainer, and experienced project manager. Prior to moving into a new career in IT, Michael served in Higher Education for 18 years in various roles.  He was the Director of Academic Support at Marian University in Indianapolis, Indiana, and Assistant Dean of Students at Walsh University in North Canton, OH. Michael is a proud father of two children and a husband to my best friend Amanda. He loves to read, is a water sports enthusiast, has an incredible green thumb and has his black belt.

Michael's Email "Subject: Cory Calvin Podcast" - mjkoluch@hotmail.com

You'll Learn

  • Why we have a propensity to choose a career that is socially acceptable versus a career that fits our innate skill set
  • How we learn skill sets from our caregivers and influencers during our formative years
  • Why it's so hard to admit to yourself (and to your family) that you need career change
  • Why you must have a conversation to face a potential career change
  • Why the change you need to make for a better career path may not be as hard or as drastic as you think
  • Why you must put your whole self in (like the hokey pokey) to discover your true passion
  • How making the choice to move in a new direction must be a conscious, dedicated choice
  • Why the answers to the unknown become easier to understand when you make the proclamation to achieve your goal
  • Why focusing on the reasons you should take the leap is equally as important as focusing on the reasons not to take the leap
  • How seeking out and building a support system is key to taking the leap toward a new career path
  • Why finding a balance of challenging yourself and facing internal resistance is imperative towards a successful midlife career transition
  • Why knowing exactly what you want to do is a process instead of an emphatic YES, this is what I want to do
  • How all of your previous career experiences and skill sets travel with you into new career, even if you begin at an entry level position, yet will propel you to a higher place at a much faster pace
  • Why you may only need a sidestep in your career vs. a completely new career

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