15. How being kind creates human connection and can save lives, with Ryan Joseph Allen
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Have you ever wondered how to help others who may be struggling in life? Or notice someone who may be struggling and understand how your kindness could save their life? This engaging conversation with the episode's guest made me giggle, gave me goosebumps and triggered tears.  Learn how being kind to others can create deep human connection and ultimately save lives.

Ryan Joseph Allen

Ryan is an author, transformational coach, and speaker sharing his life experiences, vast nonprofit expertise, and ultimately leading leaders. Ryan has co-founded and founded several nonprofit organizations and is the Executive Director for Love Must Win, an organization centered around eradicating violence in our community and world through kindness, acceptance, and love! 

Currently Ryan is working on wrapping up his memoir titled, “My Drug Dealer Brought Me To God.” Ryan is also about to start his dissertation process for his doctorate work from Xavier University bridging the gap between the LGBTQ+ and spirituality communities. 

Ryan's positive daily affirmations:

  • I'm beautiful just the way I am
  • I'm loved and accepted just the way I am
  • Today is going to bring so much love to myself and to the world

Ryan's website: www.ryanjosephallen.com

You'll Learn:

  • What it means to feel different from your peers while growing up
  • How toxic masculinity can negatively influence early childhood development
  • How to develop empathy for others who are not like you
  • Why LGBTQ+ individuals go through internal conflict yearning to be accepted by others
  • How can we unlearn harmful mental patterns learned during childhood
  • Why others use substances to escape from their internal struggles
  • How can we help others who may be struggling but are not reaching out for help
  • Why kindness creates a strong sense of human connection
  • How human connection can save lives
  • What pansexual means
  • How the LGBTQ+ community can be harmful to their own kind
  • How to help someone who is coming out or someone you may think is LGBTQ+
  • Why sharing your story helps you become vulnerable and can unlock your life


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