14. How to eliminate resistance when facing death, with Ethan Sisser
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I met Ethan Sisser through a Facebook group for Glioblastoma Brain Cancer as he began posting about his journey with Stage IV brain cancer. I felt such a strong sense of connection to him, not only because of my mother's glioblastoma diagnosis but also because Ethan's vibration is so strong. Ethan shares his brave and powerful journey facing resistance and calming his mind while battling cancer. This is an episode that will give you goosebumps and will help you learn so much about your existence here on Earth.

Ethan Sisser

Before this encounter with cancer, Ethan was traveling the world, teaching yoga, offering intuitive coaching, studying dance, writing music, practicing massage and more. He was living on the big island of Hawaii for quite some time; supporting retreats with his gifts within a Shamanic Community.

Ethan's Website: www.ethansangels.org
Ethan's YouTube: Ethan Sisser's Channel

You'll Learn

  • What is a Shaman
  • How does someone find out they have brain cancer
  • What happens when you learn you have stage IV cancer
  • How traumatic childhood patterns may have caused brain cancer
  • How to realize you are running away from and burying childhood trauma 
  • How to unpack childhood trauma to free yourself from fear and pain
  • Why we sabotage our life when we feel we aren't good enough
  • How DMT is released during an Ayahuasca ceremony
  • Why you need to get uncomfortable in order release harmful life patterns
  • How facing resistance will allow you to live a more fulfilled life
  • How to heal family lineage trauma
  • How family members can heal past family trauma through a cancer diagnosis
  • How the planet is collectively healing
  • Why we are here on Earth to help ourselves and to help each other
  • How to remain present in your body and mind while facing death
  • What are the best presence practices and tools when dealing with pain
  • How to discover your unique vibration
  • Why a cancer diagnosis is a powerful to heal harmful mental patterns
  • How to develop the ability to see and act on synchronicities in your life

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