11. Personal Awakening: Who do I want to be for me?, with Laura Juarez
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Laura Juarez was the CEO of a family-owned manufacturing company in Northwest Ohio where Cory had his first internship. She became an instant role model for Cory and has gone on to become a consultant, business owner, entrepreneur and yogi. Laura and Cory get back together after that summer internship 22 years ago to host this inspirational joint-podcast that dives deeper into how you can uncover and center your life around your superpowers and unique talents.

Laura Juarez

Laura Juarez is the creator and leader of Pure Potential, a company she founded to help people and companies efficiently align their purpose and operationalize excellence. She also hosts the Conscious Leadership Podcast and founded the yoga studio brand Pure Wellness in Asheville, North Carolina.

Laura began her career as an organization development consultant with Accenture, helping Fortune 500 companies align their people with their vision and strategy. It was there where her lifelong curiosity about optimal living and performance began. Through her 25 plus year career, Laura has owned and led organizations across multiple sectors spanning from manufacturing to wellness, B2B to B2C, and amassed extensive governance experience in the for-profit and nonprofit worlds.

Laura is the proud mother of two teenagers and shares her life with her husband.  When not supporting businesses committed to impact, she can be found "rewilding" via hiking trails or grooving goodness from the inside out on her yoga mat.

Website: Pure Potential
LinkedIn: Laura Juarez

What You'll Learn

  • How the essence to become your authentic self in work, relationships and personal self development are vehicles to step closer to your own potential 
  • How to use your job as your sandbox and your runway to explore your own essence 
  • Why it's important to become courageous and center your life around your unique gifts and superpowers that differentiate you from others
  • Why being a good witness to yourself is the best way to discover your unique gifts and superpowers
  • Why you become more skillful at life as time passes
  • Why you should focus less time on learning something new and more time on remembering
  • How to find a way to stay in integrity with yourself
  • How you have to feel inspired and must feel worthy to maximize personal output
  • Why it's important to use personal alignment with who you are as a life barometer
  • How learning through experiences lock in learning more effectively than classroom learning


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