7 - Why you should never be the richest person in the graveyard, with the world's happiest taxi driver, Rod Malone
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I got into Rod Malone's taxi in Dublin, Ireland, while traveling the world. Small talk led to one of the most impactful 15-minute conversations of my life as Rod drove me to my destination. Rod's story of leaving the corporate world to become a taxi driver and his profound outlook on life is an incredible lesson everyone should listen to. The next time you are in Dublin, you will need to make sure to hail Rod!

Rod Malone

Rod was born and raised near Dublin, Ireland, and currently lives in the Irish capital. He is married with two children and one grandchild with a second on the way due in November. Rod trained as a mechanic and went to help out his brother manage a petrol station, Esso, for a couple of days and ended up staying for 22 years. He started as a petrol attendant and worked his way up to managing teams of up to 40 for multiple stores.

After being poached by a rival fuel company called Topaz and working there for 6 years, Rod had ambitions for a larger challenge so he joined a major DVD rental company in Ireland as a District Manager with approximately 150 staff spread across 17 stores.

However, one year into his new, challenging job, Rod realized he was unhappy. He had changed inside and didn't like what he had become. Rod went through a transformation and put many of the things he loved together: a love of people, an ambition to be independent, and a love of driving. Rod became a taxi driver and eight years later, Rod remains the happiest he has ever been.

Facebook: Rod's DublinTaxi
Twitter: @RodsDublinTaxi
Website: RodsTaxi.com

What You'll Learn

  • What happens deep down inside of you when you dislike your job
  • Why listening to and acting on your gut over your brain will lead you to ultimate life success
  • Why passion for your job is required for sustained personal happiness
  • What happens when you receive no support from your boss
  • The difference between a mid-life crisis and becoming the new "you"
  • Why taking the leap in life will build new determination for your passions
  • How to appreciate each day even in times of crisis
  • Who has been in Rod's Taxi

Quotes by Rod

  • "You never get a second chance to make a first impression."
  • "Life is a rat race. And even if you win. You are still a rat."
  • "I don't want to be the richest person in the graveyard."

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