5 - How getting uncomfortable can lead to extraordinary personal growth, with Jessica Samson
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Jessica Samson left her successful, high-salary job because she was unhappy and made the decision to travel the world for two years with her partner. Upon returning the United States, she was diagnosed with cancer. Her diagnosis changed her life and led her down a path to follow her passions in life. We discuss traveling the world, unhappiness in a corporate career, lifelong learning and starting her coaching business from scratch.

Jessica Samson

Jessica Samson is a lifestyle transformation coach, certified personal trainer, nutritionist, and corporate wellness speaker. She specializes in helping women master their minds, conquer their bodies, and get the most out of life.

Facebook: @CoachJessicaLee
Instagram: @CoachJessicaLee

You'll Learn

  • How immersing yourself in another culture will light your soul on fire
  • Why the façade of pretending to be happy will eventually wear you down
  • Why destructive behaviors and substances are often used to give us the dopamine hit we need when we are unhappy
  • The difference between dreaming about doing something and actually doing it
  • How to travel and live in another country with your partner
  • Why leaving a successful yet unhappy job allows you to live your dream
  • When you reach a tipping point to pursue your passion
  • How cancer alters a career path
  • How to turn a cancer diagnosis into a positive turning point with your life
  • Giving your body a fighting chance by eating healthier while fighting cancer
  • Paying attention to difficult life moments as signs to thrive
  • How to overcome fears when starting your own business
  • Leveraging deflating social energy to succeed
  • How to find your new path by trying new daily routines
  • How to create your own life and take charge instead of letting others dictate your life


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