Best of BOSS: The most underused outbound tactic today. 👑 The LinkedIn King James Watson
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I've picked this episode as a 'best of' simply off the back of how good this tactic is. I genuinely wish that I had created this outbound play myself, it is truly awesome.

James Watson shares with us how to use a PERSONALISED IMAGE in your outbound marketing. It is brilliant because...
A: You can automate it if you want to. Or 
B: You can use it manually if you want (Which is how I do it) and 
C: it gets really great results.
 I have suggested this outreach technique to every team I've trained in 2021 and not one has implemented it broadly. Despite it being very easy to do.
 This tells me there is still a lot of opportunities for you to use this, stand out and set yourself up for good results. 

It's completely brilliant. James Watson is a genius.

On this week's show, I'm pleased to say we have something which is not very widely known or used.
So you're getting in on the ground floor.
In fact, this is probably the very first you will hear of this unique approach. 
Personally, I have not heard of anybody using this anywhere else – the strategy that I'm talking about is "The LinkedIn Kings' PIM' play – Personalised Image Marketing.
After listening to James, I have adopted this in a small way and started to use it and I've also started to get my clients to use it as well.
I am sure that this is one of those things where the early movers, the early adopters, will get MOST of the rewards. So, don’t risk being left sitting on side lines.
James Watson AKA – The LinkedIn King has an image personalisation strategy that does scale…
I know the 'personalisation at scale' thing is very overdone but this is very different. I can clearly see how this works.
Imagine being able to send a complex image, on mass, to your leads or connections and each one had their own LinkedIn profile pic superimposed on the graphic as part of that mass outreach?
Do you think you might get good engagement with this play? I know you will.
James shares his strategies as well as what's working and why in this show.


James Watson

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