Lose Your Commission Breath, Authentic Selling: Phil Gerbyshak
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One of the things I love about Phil Gerbyshak is his ability to mix both his digital selling expertise with tactical and simply stated sales tactics. Sales tactics that work well on LinkedIn, Phil is a Socially Savvy sales trainer.

Selling today is very different from those old days of sales is a ‘numbers game’ of dial and smile and prospect manipulation.

Buyers know it and so do sellers. At the same time, its also true we all need to generate sales to keep the corporate fires burning or to just to make sure we don’t get sacked.

Many people find it difficult to balance these two conflicting priorities and end up too far in either direction. Either pitching too hard and too early or having lots of fluffy conversations that result in no commercial outcomes.

In this episode Phil shares his very simple 3 x H strategy you can use to make sure you’re connecting with your buyers, having conversations, and leaving your commission breath at the door.

This is a great episode on how to have the right sales mindset.

Phil and I have been ‘LinkedIn’ buddies for more than 5 years. He has been on the podcast before and I’ve been on his – I invited him back not because I like him, although I do, but because he always provides some easy to execute yet valuable sales skills and he hasn’t let us down in this episode.

Phil Gerbyshak

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