Oh This World
Oh This World
Jun 3, 2020
Ep. #25: Call Your People In!
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After a week of especially horrible police brutality against black Americans, many white allies are showing up for the first time on the shores of Activist Island. Help them dry off, warm up, and find ways to be productive citizens in this new place.

Before we dive into the heart of the episode, we explore whether or not our Congressman here in TX21 is a fascist (hint: he wants American soldiers to turn on American citizens), and look at a minor flare-up on social media this week after constituents in the district called him out on it.

Next, a discussion of Blackout Tuesday. Was it merely performative? What were its unintended consequences? And what does it show us about how to (and how not to) be be an ally/decent human being in 2020?

Blackout Tuesday takes us into a broader exploration of how white people can educate themselves moving forward. We look at some common missteps newcomers make, the differences between calling out and calling in, and how all of us can call our people in to advocate for change.

What can you do? For allies, Antoinette points us to a social media post that she thought summed it up well: listen, research, donate.

There are a lot of resources for folks interested in doing all of these things, including lists of ways to help now, what to read and where to send money.

We want to know what you're doing. Find us on Twitter/IG @ohthisworldpod or email us at ohthisworldpod@gmail.com. Stay safe out there! 

This episode was recorded on Wednesday, June 3, 2020.

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