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Oh This World
Jun 1, 2020
Ep. #24: Reaching Beyond the Echo Chamber in a Time of Crisis
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In this time of pandemic and upheaval, what are the dangers of living in an echo chamber? Are there benefits? How do we break out of them?

On today's show we look at all kinds of echo chambers--from ideological to racial (specifically white people only hearing other white voices)--and their many perils.

Among the resources we chat about that are worth checking out: are this Forbes piece on figuring out whether you're in a social media echo chamber, and this NPR piece on how that may have happened in the first place.

We also take a brief look at deep canvassing, an issue we'll touch on later in the week. See this Vox piece on whether it's possible to "talk someone out of bigotry" for a preview.

What can you do now to break out of your echo chamber?

1. Don't rely on any one platform or outlet for your news. Check out this media bias chart, which looks at both an outlet's ideological perspective and how rigorously researched the information on the site is. Start taking a look at platforms whose writers differ from you ideologically, but who are still ranked as credible.

2. Check in with some progressive friends outside of your immediate social circle as to how they're doing after this last tumultuous week. In addition to doing it because it's good to check in on your friends, this will be good practice for relational organizing, a subject we'll address later in the week.

Also: are you a white person who has had productive conversations with family members or friends interrogating white supremacy or privilege in your own lives? Have a script you've used for talking to a racist family member? We'd love to hear about it. Shoot us a line at ohthisworldpod@gmail.com or find us on Twitter/IG @ohthisworldpod.

This episode was recorded on Monday, June 1, 2020.

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